Xperia Companion is a program for controlling your Sony cell phone or tablet from your personal computer. Use the link on this page and download the free official version of Xperia Companion.

Xperia Companion performs operations with phones and tablets from the line Xperia, starting with Xperia Z3 and newer. The program is compatible with Windows and Mac platforms. Xperia Companion gives you access to data on your device, deletes data, installs updates and cleans your system.

On Xperia devices from 2019, you cannot restore data using Xperia Companion, you must now use Google Drive to do so. From February 2021, there is no support for software recovery and mobile device updates on 32-bit versions of Windows.

Xperia Companion functionality

  • file sharing;
  • backup;
  • system restore;
  • update phone firmware;
  • еransfer data from one device to another.

How to download Xperia Companion

Download the latest version of Xperia Companion via a direct link on this page. Then open the file in the Downloads folder and wait for the complete installation of the program. After the software installation is completed, start working.

Xperia Companion includes a handy program for browsing your phone's content without downloading it to your PC, and a manager for transferring your audio files and saving your media library structure and playlists.